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What does our software suite enable your organization to do?

SOP EXPRESS: Create SOPs, Visual Work Instructions, Job Aids, Quick Learning Guides & Checklists EXPRESSTRAIN: Generate Training Manuals & Materials, Online Quizzes, PowerPoint Slides, and Web Tutorials SOP TRACKS / SHAREPOINT: Track SOP Versioning, Documents History, and Approval Workflow TRAINTRACKS LMS: Track Training Records for Users, Groups, Regions, Courses, Assignments, and Mastery

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What does TrainTracks enable your organization to do?

TrainTracks is a Learning Management System that “tracks learning or training”. It is a complimentary software application to ExpressTrain that enables your employees and or client employees as “learners” to: Identify online what learning they need to become competent in performing their work Plan their learning or training schedule online along with their supervisor Track […]

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What are the benefits of using ExpressTrain to Capture, Structure, Transform, and Publish?

Reduce Risk: All content is consistent, concurrent and compliant Reduce Cost: Saves up to 75% on development and up to 90% on updates when calculating the time and effort required developing SOPs along with the associated Job Aids and Training Materials Saves Time: Automatically generates all knowledge products in minutes Continuous Improvement: Allows for rapid development, to improve templates […]

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