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Automatically Generate PowerPoint Slides

Automatically Generate PowerPoint Slides

Automatically Generate PowerPoint Slides and Sync Training from your Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) content

What does our PowerPoint and SOP software enable your organization to do?

    • create/convert your SOPs or Work Instructions and Automatically Generate PowerPoint Slides, including Online Training Materials, Leader Guides, Participant Guides, and Quizzes.

Support your training with Quality Control Checklists, Visual Job Aids, Quick Reference Guides/Cards, On-the-Job Checklists,

  • Certify your training by provide managers and supervisors with tools to help them track training, observe performance and track results, using: Task Qualification, SCORM Compliant Quizzes, and more
  • simplify your process of producing all the necessary training support materials including: leader guides, participant guides, job aids and training materials for specific jobs
  • synchronize your content by allowing you to edit in a single place and see changes ripple through all your training outputs automatically


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