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International / Multi-Lingual Training

Cargill Corporation (Worldwide Support)
Client Problem:
Cargill needed a more efficient way to deliver support to over 1,100 locations in 35 different countries. In addition, the CBT had to be in 8 different languages. The initial project involved New Hire Orientation.

Princeton Center, working with a local business alliance partner, created workshops and desktop courses in such areas as Project Management, Change Management, Team Building, Coaching, Accelerative Learning, Day-to-Day Management, and others. World Wide License for Multilingual Development And working with a professional translation house, converted the modules into the following languages: Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Chinese, Thai


New hire orientation and support:
Customer requested look and feel
Studio produced video/audio
Seat time: 45 minutes
Workbook accompanies desktop modules
Instructional design: Incorporates Bloom’s taxonomy of Educational Objectives, Accelerated Learning, and Gagné’s Events of Instruction

Financial Impact:
Cargill has delivered hundreds of courses worldwide using this technique. The saving in development and delivery costs have been significant.


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