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Note: SOP Tracking, Management, and Hosting is priced separately, based on number of users.

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Features SOP Express ExpressTrain Writer Desk ExpressTrain Developer Desk ExpressTrain Publisher Desk
SOP Generated
SOP Templates
Work Instructions
Insert Pictures, PDFs, Tables
Task Qualification Report
User Manual/Operation Guide
Standard/Detailed Job Aids
Visual Job Aids/Quick References
Insert Audio, Video, Flash
Print based Quizzes/Tests
Pack Files for Individual Module
Build Quick Index
Staging Files
Pack Files for Multiple Modules
Archive Files for Individual Module
On-line Quizzes/Tests
PowerPoint Slides
Leader Guide
Participant Guide
Web-based Tutorials
Narration Script (voiceover)
Generate Individual Module Output from Desktop
Archiving Files for Multiple Modules
Create New Custom report
Outline format index to your content
SCORM Packaging
Export Questions in QTI format
Module Transformation Reports
Linked Documents Report
Generate Multiple Module Output from Desktop

Yes. We export questions in XML-formatted documents using the IMS Question & Test Interoperability (QTI) standard by the IMS Global Learning Consortium. This XML standard allows ExpressTrain to feed assessment systems like Question Mark.

Blended learning describes those knowledge products that are more interactive in nature, such as web-based learning and quizzes.

More specifically, ExpressTrain addresses:

  • Training
  • Performance Support, including job aides, quick references cards, and checklists
  • Documents and Reports, including user guides, leader/participant guides, standard operating procedures, and work instructions
  • Verification, including online quizzes, quality control checklists, and task qualifications.
  • Blended Learning, including PowerPoint presentation and web-based trainings.
  • Word is the authoring tool.
  • PowerPoint is the presentation tool.
  • Access is the assembler that coordinates which products will receive the knowledge transfer.
  • Reduce Risk: All content is consistent, concurrent and compliant
  • Reduce Cost: Saves up to 75% on development and up to 90% on updates when calculating the time and effort required developing SOPs along with the associated Job Aids and Training Materials
  • Saves Time: Automatically generates all knowledge products in minutes
  • Continuous Improvement: Allows for rapid development, to improve templates for all materials
  • Multiple Channels: Allows for generation for all deployment formats, giving you multiple channels for distribution
  • Reuse of content: Allows for reuse of previously developed content into derivative products, with the option to maintain links for rapid update/refresh
  • Standard Outputs: Creates output product that are standard fare and can be deployed quickly and easily to any user, without requiring special code
  • Increased Productivity: The visual job aids and training materials produced enable employees to quickly learn to perform the work and better retain the procedures

TrainTracks is a Learning Management System that “tracks learning or training”. It is a complimentary software application to ExpressTrain that enables your employees and or client employees as “learners” to:

  • Identify online what learning they need to become competent in performing their work
  • Plan their learning or training schedule online along with their supervisor
  • Track their progress online. For example, what learning did they take when, what scores they achieved, and identify what additional learning do they require?
  • SOP EXPRESS: Create SOPs, Visual Work Instructions, Job Aids, Quick Learning Guides & Checklists
  • EXPRESSTRAIN: Generate Training Manuals & Materials, Online Quizzes, PowerPoint Slides, and Web Tutorials
  • SOP TRACKS / SHAREPOINT: Track SOP Versioning, Documents History, and Approval Workflow
  • TRAINTRACKS LMS: Track Training Records for Users, Groups, Regions, Courses, Assignments, and Mastery


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