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What are the benefits of using ExpressTrain to Capture, Structure, Transform, and Publish?

  • Reduce Risk: All content is consistent, concurrent and compliant
  • Reduce Cost: Saves up to 75% on development and up to 90% on updates when calculating the time and effort required developing SOPs along with the associated Job Aids and Training Materials
  • Saves Time: Automatically generates all knowledge products in minutes
  • Continuous Improvement: Allows for rapid development, to improve templates for all materials
  • Multiple Channels: Allows for generation for all deployment formats, giving you multiple channels for distribution
  • Reuse of content: Allows for reuse of previously developed content into derivative products, with the option to maintain links for rapid update/refresh
  • Standard Outputs: Creates output product that are standard fare and can be deployed quickly and easily to any user, without requiring special code
  • Increased Productivity: The visual job aids and training materials produced enable employees to quickly learn to perform the work and better retain the procedures


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