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Steve Bernstein, Project Management

Steven A. Bernstein is an accomplished professional experienced in managing training, documentation and software application projects. A common goal of his projects has been to increase business productivity. Mr. Bernstein has held consultant, manager, director, general manager and vice president positions throughout his career. He worked with a wide variety of established and start-up companies […]

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Karl G. Kelly, Vice President of Research & Development

Karl is one of the principals of Princeton Center for Education Services, Inc. and has been with the company for over 25 years. His substantial background in database design has guided his approach to knowledge capture and representation and is reflected in the products he has developed.  During that time he managed and was responsible […]

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Dr. Peter J. Rizza, Jr., President & CEO

Dr. Rizza has over 30 years of experience in technology-mediated instruction, with special focus on learning models and knowledge transfer strategies. He served as manager of Courseware Design for the Control Data PLATO project, where he contributed to many of the interactive design standards used today. In 1985, Dr. Rizza formed the Princeton Center for […]

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