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Train New Hires with ExpressTrain

Train New Hires Effectively

Use ExpressTrain to train your new employees and hires. Improve your operations, safety standards, and logistics processes. Learn more:

  • How much time and money does it take to train your new hires?
  • Do you cross-train employees in multiple jobs?
  • Is your company growing and requiring better processes for implementing standards?
  • Will replacement employees be able to continue at a high level of quality?
  • Can you verify that your new hires are qualified to properly follow your production standards? 
  • How will you know they are qualified?

If you are like most operation managers you need tools to rapidly create custom training and job aids so that you can implement quality standards across your workforce and train new hires quickly.

Here at Princeton Center we’ve been helping companies train their employees in order to improve their operations, safety and quality control standards, and distribution and logistics processes for over 30 years. Our clients in the manufacturing, logistics, and process engineering sectors have used the process built into our software to develop their training material and to track training performance.

With ExpressTrain software, you begin by entering all content about a procedure or process in our Microsoft Word templates. You will:

  • specify the procedures such as equipment setup, startup, operations, shutdown and maintenance protocols,
  • define steps in each procedure and elaborate on the most costly, dangerous and/or frequently used tasks,
  • add images, graphics, tables, even videos to help the operator better understand the task,
  • and, enter knowledge-check questions to verify understanding.

Once you enter the content you simply click the “build” button to generate your formal SOP along with all your training materials in minutes – including:

  • Work Instructions and user manuals,
  • Job Aids including Checklists and Quick Reference Cards,
  • Supervisor Task Qualification Checklists,
  • PowerPoint presentations with Leader and Participant Guides,
  • Even Web-based Training and Online Quizzes

Our clients find that this ability to establish Standards and to automatically generate consistent, concurrent and compliant SOPs, Job Aids and Training, is particularly important in assuring high quality product, safety, and adherence to regulations. Having a consistent system for standards is critical to successful audits – both internal and external — with minimal disruption to your operation.

ExpressTrain is different from other authoring and generation tools out there because it uses Single-Sourcing – meaning you enter your content one time, and then automatically generate all of your materials from one source! This keeps your content consistent, compliant, and concurrent because it is easy to update and synchronize everything.

With TrainTracks, our training management system, you can upload training to the web, assign training lessons to specified work groups, and make employee assignments based on their group membership. Using our flexible role-based management you can set up your own hierarchy of administrative levels. TrainTracks will keep records, automatically assign training, provide dynamic views of progress, and generate reports.

ExpressTrain and TrainTracks can save weeks of unnecessary development effort. Organizations have saved up to 65% on development and 90% on updates.

To learn more, contact us to schedule a demo.


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