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Onboarding New Employees with ExpressTrain

Onboarding Software for Onboarding New Employees into Operations Positions

Use ExpressTrain to onboard your new employees and hires. Improve your operations, safety standards, and logistics processes. Learn more:

Onboarding “new hires” or moving employees from one assignment to the next effectively and efficiently is critical to a firm or agency’s productivity and profitability.

Everyone from the head of the firm or agency to the last employee hired says that the hiring and training program is critical to productivity and profitability, yet few measure it and fewer have developed “Onboarding” best practices, or use onboarding software. Who owns it, and how is it being measured?

In filling “operations” new-hire positions on the shop/retail/call-center/battleground floor, the orientation and training inadequacies often fall between the cracks. The gap is the lack of alignment between Human Resources and the Operations functions.

What is HR’s Onboarding role versus Operations’ role?
Are HR’s and Operations’ roles aligned?
Who owns the combined responsibility?
Who’s measuring what results when?

“Are there ways to better align the efforts and resources across the HR and Operations functional processes to create a golden thread for the new hire and improve the Onboarding process?”

Potential Process Improvement areas include:

  • Minimize the Onboarding effort throughout the “cross-process team” activities
  • Optimally develop and deliver the business and operations training required using onboarding software or other methods
  • Set new-hire expectations to take responsibility for their own performance
  • Accelerate the new-hire learning curve and improve the time to train new hires

Technology is an enabler

How do you bring Learning Management Systems (LMS), Document Management Systems (DMS), and Knowledge Management Systems (KMS) together with “Content” Development Systems to improve effectiveness and efficiency?

At Princeton Center for Education Services, Inc., we work in the Knowledge Transfer space between business and operational processes. With our onboarding software and standard operating procedures software, we specialize in accelerating the transfer of information from the knowledge producers to the knowledge consumers by transforming “learning content” into a variety of useful formats, including; Instructor Led training, Web Based training, e-Learning, Performance Support Tools from User Manuals to Quick Reference Guides, and Verification Tools like Checklists, Quizzes, and Tests.



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