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Princeton Center Offer

he Princeton Center offers The ExpressTrain Suite of tools to help you:

  • Capture content in the form of Standard Operating Procedures, Processes, and Protocols,
  • Transform the content into a number of support materials, including Visual Work Instructions, Detailed Procedure Job Aids, Checklists, and Quick Reference Cards.
  • Create Quizzes and Tests for certification, and Training Programs as PowerPoint slides, Web based Tutorials and On-line Quizzes.
  • Publish to a number of delivery platforms

The ExpressTrain Suite of tools consists of software licenses for:

  • Writers (SOP Express),
  • Developers (ExpressTrain),
  • Publisher to a (SCORM Conformant) Learning Management Systems,
  • Connector to SharePoint for Document Review and Approval.
  • The Suite also includes a training tracking system (TrainTracks) for learning management.

The ExpressTrain Suite runs in Microsoft Office, using MS-Word as the authoring system, and captures the core content by using Templates as input models for a number of standards.

Choose Standard Operating Procedure templates from a list of the following SOP-Templates:

  • General SOP Template
  • Work Instruction WI-Template
  • Policy Template
  • Equipment Model Template
  • Product Knowledge Template
  • Software/System Template
  • Operation Instruction OI-Template
  • Working Guide Templates
  • Checklist of Activity Template
  • User Manual Template

The ExpressTrain Suite includes a set of output Templates to automatically transform content into the performance support and training materials needed to implement a best practice consistently. The ExpressTrain Suite includes:

  • 14 predefined PowerPoint slide formats,
  • 25 predefined eLearning screen layouts,
  • 8 predefined Job Aids formats, and
  • 4 report document templates.

Furthermore, ExpressTrain Transformation Suite, supports a variety of knowledge types, including:

  • Procedures with steps,
  • Processes with phases,
  • Sets of related facts,
  • responsibilities with Job titles,
  • Frequently asked Questions,
  • Concepts with attributes,
  • Equipment with parts/functions,
  • Troubleshooting with faults/solutions, and
  • Questions with Reponses.

ExpressTrain supports the Instructor-led training with a Leader guide and Participant Guide, including, leader notes, time constraints, lectures, and activities.

The ExpressTrain Suite supports the building of a Master Document in Word, and allows for the inclusion of:

  • Graphics,
  • Tables,
  • Audio,
  • Video,
  • PDFs, and
  • Hyperlinks.


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