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ExpressTrain™ – Author Online Training Materials

ExpressTrain™ Transformation Suite is an integrated set of powerful tools that help you accelerate the development and deployment of consistent, concurrent and compliant training, performance support and verification materials in a variety of formats for your required standard operating processes, protocols and procedures.

With its proven methodology and capabilities that reduce risk, reduce costs, and save time, you can easily develop, generate and update material such as Instructor-led Workshops, Web-Based Training, Electronic/Printed Reference and Software Applications Training.

Just capture your core content in one place with our ExpressTrain Templates, store it in our structured MS Word Master Document, and let ExpressTrain™ create your desired multiple outputs in seconds.

  • Reduced Risk:

    All content is consistent, concurrent and compliant.

  • Reduce Cost:

    Saves 75% on development and 90% on updates.

  • Save Time:

    Automatically generates work support products in minutes.

  • Microsoft Office:

    Author in MS Word and produce in PDF and HTML.

  • Continuous Improvement:

    Enhance content with graphics and regenerate.

  • Reuse of content:

    Reuse of developed content into derivative products.

  • Standard Outputs:

    Use approved SOP and Work Instruction Templates.

  • Single Source - Multiple Outputs:

    Author Once - Updates Reflected in All Outputs.

SOP & Training Software Solutions

  • Author
  • Build
  • Deploy & Sync
  • Train
  • Track
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