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Primary Functions of LMS, LCMS, and KTS

Primary Functions of LMS LCMS and KTS

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are used to manage classroom instruction, launch e-learning courses, and provide performance records for training managers and instructors. The primary role of the Learning Content Management System (LCMS) is to manage digital assets used in learning.  The primary function of a Knowledge Transfer System (KTS) is to facilitate the sharing of critical content via knowledge transformations into a variety of delivery formats, including training and electronic reference.

  LMS LCMS KTS (ExpressTrain)
Primary Target Users… Training Managers, Instructors, Administrators Content Developers, Instructional Designers, Project Managers Subject Matter Experts, Technical Trainers, Q/A and Compliance Managers
Provides primary management of… Learners Learning Content Custom Core Content
Management of Classroom, Instructor-led Training Yes No YesGenerates ILT materials for LMS
Performance Reporting of Training Results Primary Focus Secondary Focus Integrates with LMS
Learner Collaboration Yes Yes Via Hyperlinks
Keeping Learner Profile Data Yes No YesIntegrates with LMS
Sharing learner data with an ERP system Yes No YesIntegrates with LMS, DMS and KMS
Event Scheduling Yes No Integrates with LMS
Competency Mapping – Skill Gap Analysis Yes Yes YesGenerates Task Qualification Report
Content Creation Capabilities No Yes Yes(based on templates)
Organizing reusable content No Yes Yes(automatically generates reusable content)
Creation of Test Questions and test administration Yes(73% of all LMS tools have this capability) Yes(92% of all LCMS tools have this capability) Yes(allows for in-line questions plus test scoring)
Dynamic pre-testing and adaptive learning No Yes YesAs front-end to LCMS
Workflow tools to manage the content development process No Yes YesShared development and as front-end to LCMS
Delivery content by providing navigational controls and look & feel No Yes Yes
Provides reference links to checklists, job aids, and troubleshooting tables No No Yes(automatically generates  and links electronic references)
Provides Instructor-led delivery support materials No No Yes(automatically generates leader and participant guides)
Provides group-based presentation capabilities No No Yes(automatically generates presentation slides)
Organizes content by Knowledge Class No No Yes(Supports procedures, process, systems, facts, troubleshooting, concepts, overviews, etc.)
Allows for rapid update of materials No No Yes(automatically generates all forms of deliverables)
Supports on-line and off-line deliverables Yes No Yes(generates deliverables in HTML, DOC, PPT file formats
Allows content specification by non-programmers No No Yes(uses word processing templates)
Supports Multimedia Assets No Yes Yes


* based on a chart prepared by Brandon-Hall research by Bryan Chapman, expanded by PCES.   


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