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SOP Tracks / SharePoint Connector – SOP Review & Approval Process

SOP Tracks serves as a local tracking system with SOP Express, or as a Connector Module to your SharePoint document management system.


  • Generate And Save Documents And Powerpoint To Your Sharepoint Libraries
  • Integrate With Your Sharepoint Workflows
  • Incorporate Sharepoint Content Types
  • Automatically Create Subfolders For Related Job Aids
  • Copy Content Type Values From Previous Versions

For Small Businesses SOP Tracks provides the ability to:

  • rapidly create consistent documentation,
  • collaborate with others for review, and
  • record approval throughout the entire SOP process.

SOP Tracks makes all SOPs available to users with the ability to track readership, with the built in search feature to find SOPs and other documents. And software setup is easy and fully integrated with SOP Express. For Mid-Size to Larger Companies, SOP Tracks is a Connector Module that publishes SOPs from SOP Express to SharePoint for document management.

  • Reduced Risk:

    All content is consistent, concurrent and compliant.

  • Reduce Cost:

    Saves 75% on development and 90% on updates.

  • Save Time:

    Automatically generates work support products in minutes.

  • Microsoft Office:

    Author in MS Word and produce in PDF and HTML.

  • Continuous Improvement:

    Enhance content with graphics and regenerate.

  • Reuse of content:

    Reuse of developed content into derivative products.

  • Standard Outputs:

    Use approved SOP and Work Instruction Templates.

  • Single Source - Multiple Outputs:

    Author Once - Updates Reflected in All Outputs.

SOP & Training Software Solutions

  • Author
  • Build
  • Deploy & Sync
  • Train
  • Track
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