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Standard Operating Procedure Examples | SOP Examples

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Most high tech manufacturing organizations create SOP examples that represent equipment operations. The types of SOPs created usually follow an equipment model, consisting of

  1. Set-up,
  2. Calibration,
  3. Operation,
  4. Runtime Protocols,
  5. Normal Shutdown,
  6. Downtime Maintenance, and
  7. Clean and Move.

SOP Examples in the Medical Lab

Standard Operating Procedures Examples Medical

This is intended to provide you with information on best practices for capturing information about any manufacturing process involving the operation of equipment and related areas into Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) examples – medical/lab.

QUALITY MANAGEMENT: The laboratory must have a documented quality management program to systematically ensure the quality of laboratory services. In laboratories that are part of a larger institution (e.g. a hospital), the laboratory quality management program must be integrated with the institutional program.

Although effective organization of the laboratory and appropriate delegation of duties are part of quality management, these areas are addressed in the Team Leader checklist.

Quality management requirements pertaining to individual laboratory sections are addressed in the applicable laboratory section checklist.

There must be a document that describes the overall QM program. The document need not be detailed, but should spell out the objectives and essential elements of the QM program.

The QM plan may be based upon some reference resource such as CLSI HS01-A2, GP22-A2, or GP26-A3; the ISO 9000 series or ISO 15189; AABB’s quality program; CAP’s quality management publications; or it may be of the laboratory’s own design.

If the laboratory is part of a larger organization, the laboratory QM program is coordinated with the organization’s QM plan.

Evidence of Compliance:

  • Evidence that the plan has been implemented as designed requires all of the following:
  • quality measurements/assessments specified in the plan are being substantially carried out;
  • there is evidence of active review of quality measurements;
  • if target performance levels are specified in the plan and the targets are not being met, there is documented follow-up action;
  • any interventions/changes to operations that are specified in the plan have been carried out as scheduled, or the reason for delay documented; AND
  • any communication of information that is required by the plan have taken place.

This model for standard operating procedures examples – medical/lab can be followed and implemented by you for any and all manufacturing processes and equipment operations.

The next steps in this process include:

  • Verify the procedures and reconcile these procedures with the preexisting ones and/or new ones that you are writing
  • Identify any missing sections listed in this document
  • Identify and write (embed) the safety considerations
  • Prescribe the media (create shot list, equipment images and diagrams, etc.)
  • Acquire/develop a glossary
  • Document the appropriate maintenance tasks
  • Link the content to current SOPs, Work Instructions and other appropriate guidelines.


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