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3 Reasons to Adopt a Single-Source SOP Software Solution

3 Reasons to Adopt a Single-Source Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Software Solution

Writing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) is a daunting task. It requires expertise, technical writing skills and the ability to create all the support material required to make the implementation of the SOP possible.

Most people know that the amount of time required to prepare effective SOPs is demanding, and given that most people already have a full time demanding job, it is not likely that extra time will be found easily.

Even when you find the time to prepare the draft of a well written SOP you still need to have it reviewed by others, approved by managers and deployed to an accessible location for end users. All of these are separate and demanding tasks taking even more time.

What you need is a simple Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) software system

1- Not enough Time

If you approach this standard operating procedure (SOP) software task as a series of individual tasks it will take far too much time to complete the task than you have available. You will have to design the SOP template for each SOP, arrange for a review and approval for each SOP, and then deploy the SOP for end users. These sequential tasks are cumbersome to execute.

2-Starting over to create Support Material

After you have created the SOP and saved it in your standard operating procedure (SOP) software system, you now have to create a work instructions to help the end-user execute the steps in the SOP properly. This usually requires gathering images, elaborating on the SOP step descriptions with tables and pictures, and packaging the work instruction into an accessible form.

Again, this is a quite demanding task involving a number of enhancements, and other assets, requiring the establishment of additional standard for design, format and content which go far beyond the original SOP. And, you need to keep the work instruction consistent with original SOP for audit purposes and performance quality.

 3-What about Training Materials

Finally, you now face a much larger task of training operators in how best to implement the SOP, using the work instruction and other training materials that will be necessary to cross train staff and on-board new hires. Don’t forget the need for some sort of quality check for performance that must accompany these material to show progress when  task qualification has been met.

Are you exhausted yet?

What single-sourcing will provide: What you need is a way to capture the SOP tasks into a single source of content repository that can be used for all the necessary development materials. If you could write-once and use-many that would save you significant time and effort. If you design the standard operating procedure (SOP) software templates and all the other formats for work instructions, job aids, checklists, and training materials in advance and simply fill in the appropriate content for a single source … WOW!

That is what the standard operating procedure (SOP) software suite of tools from Princeton Center is designed to accomplish. With a single-source approach to SOP creation and generation of support materials, you could save 65% on initial development.

About the Author:

Peter J. Rizza, Jr., PhD. is the Founder of the Princeton Center for Education Services, and has spent his entire professional career working with learning strategies, knowledge transfer and authoring tools. As past president of the MidNJ Chapter of ASTD and speaker at the Society for Applied Learning Technology, Dr. Rizza shares his lessons learned in improving the paradigms for training across several industries.


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