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Standard Operating Procedure Template

SOP Template, SOP Software: Connect to SharePoint

  • CONNECT TO SHAREPOINT / TRACK SOPs. Implement workflows for review and approvals, assign version numbers and retain document histories.
  • AUTHOR SOPs in SOP Express. Use our Microsoft Word Standard Operating Procedure Template and our software builds training and support material in minutes.
  • BUILD your training with ExpressTrain. Includes PowerPoint presentations, Leader and Participant Guides, on-line tutorials and quizzesAll of the content you entered into the SOP Template is automatically populated into your outputs in minutes.
  • TRAIN users with TrainTracks. User groups, training modules, assignments.

Creating a Standard Operating Procedure

SOP using the SOP Express SOP Template is a simple process.
  1. Open your SOP Express Desktop and Add a New SOP
  2. Select from a number of SOP Templates for your input model
  3. Open the selected SOP Templates in Microsoft Word and fill-in the content by following the outline of critical topics (Purpose, Scope, Requirements, Safety, Procedure Steps, Step images and tables, Terms, Responsibilities and Revision History)
  4. Publish the SOP to SharePoint, and initiate the Review and Approval Workflow
  5. Once the SOP is approved, choose the appropriate output report from the available list of useful documents, including, Work Instruction, Job Aids, Checklists, Quick Reference Cards, Supervisors Task Qualification Audit, and many others
  6. Deploy the SOP and all related support materials to the end-users via SharePoint, or any shared drive location on your network or over the internet

Choose Standard Operating Procedure templates from a list of the following SOP-Templates:

  • General SOP Template
  • Work Instruction WI-Template
  • Policy Template
  • Equipment Model Template
  • Product Knowledge Template
  • Software/System Template
  • Operation Instruction OI-Template
  • Working Guide Templates
  • Checklist of Activity Template
  • User Manual Template

How To Write a Standard Operating Procedure

What is a Standard Operating Procedure?

An SOP is a set of instructions or steps someone follows to complete a job safely, with no adverse impact on the environment (and which meets compliance standards), and in a way that maximizes operational and production requirements.

 Critical SOP Document Specifications:

The page header of the standard operating procedure template should include a place to put the name of the Organization, address and if possible the department or group. The header of the SOP template should include space for the SOP number, title, Version number, page number, and effective date. Often, the author’s name of the SOP is in the header. At the end of the standard operating procedure template, there should be a section for documenting SOP reviews with space for reviewer’s signature and date signed. If the SOP template is for an SOP that is to be archived or retired, add a line to document this purpose. The page footer should include the complete file name and path.

Standard Operating Procedure Template Outline Structure:


In the SOP template, there should be a place for the purpose statement which identifies the goal of the SOP. It answers the question of why the SOP is being written. The Purpose statement needs to be detailed enough so that the intended user can recognize what the document covers.


The SOP template should include a place for the scope of the SOP, which identifies who needs to follow the procedure and what the procedure covers. It should help the reader to identify what is (and what is not) covered in the procedure.

General Requirements: (Overall Task Description)

The SOP template should include a place to state the personnel, departments, groups, contractors,and/or subcontractors responsible for both performing and complying with the SOP. It should state the person or group responsible for assuring the appropriate personnel are trained on the SOP.

Other sections to consider including in an SOP template:
  • Responsibilities
  • Definitions
  • Materials and Equipment
  • Policy/Procedure(s)
  • Regulatory Review
  • Contingencies (Corrective Actions)
  • References
  • Attachments
  • Document History Table
  • Additional Information

Standard Operating Procedure Template

Use in Different Sectors

Our SOP templates can be used in a wide range of sectors.

For example, our clients in the manufacturing sector have used our SOP templates and software by capturing information on their best practices for different manufacturing processes involving the operation of equipment and related areas into a Manufacturing.

This often involves a complex, integrated process involving multiple stages ranging from system installation, calibration, and pre-start, to production setup, operations, shutdown, and related areas such as maintenance and troubleshooting.The

The Manufacturing Standard Operating Procedure Template usually involves three main sections:

  • Overview of the entire process, including use of equipment, operator responsibilities, equipment parts & functions, safety guidelines and overall process implementation.
  • Operations of the system equipment, including pre-start, setup, startup, runtime operations, shutdown and restart.
  • Other critical information needed to implement the process and operate the equipment over time, such as maintenance, troubleshooting, job aids, and clean & move procedures.
The next steps in the template can include processes such as:
  • Verify the procedures and reconcile these procedures with the preexisting ones and/or new ones that you are writing
  • Identify any missing sections listed in this document
  • Identify and write (embed) the safety considerations
  • Prescribe the media (create shot list, equipment images and diagrams, etc.)
  • Acquire/develop a glossary
  • Document the appropriate maintenance tasks
  • Link the content to current SOPs, Work Instructions and other appropriate guidelines
Example of an SOP Template model for OSHA

SOP TemplateSOP Template – OSHA – This template / model is designed to be one that even the owner of a business with very few employees can use without having to hire a professional trainer or purchase expensive training materials. Using this model, employers or supervisors can develop and administer safety and health training programs that address problems specific to their own business, fulfill the learning needs of their own employees, and strengthen the overall safety and health program of the workplace.

OSHA’s training guidelines follow a model that consists of:

  • Determining if Training is Needed
  • Identifying Training Needs
  • Identifying Goals and Objectives
  • Developing Learning Activities
  • Conducting the Training
  • Evaluating Program Effectiveness
  • Improving the Program

A typical Standard Operating Procedure template and its outputs including SOPs, Work Instructions, Job Aids, Support/Training from our software is presented in the links below:

Input Model:

Master Document
Work Instruction
Quick Reference Card
PowerPoint Slides
Web-based Tutorial

If you are interested in more information about our software and templates, please contact us at

Standard Operating Procedure Template


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