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Work Instruction Template

Work Instruction Templates & Software

In minutes go from work instruction template drafts to fully integrated, compliant and concurrent work instructions with a wide range of synchronized support materials including job aids, PPT, checklists, & web training. Connect to Microsoft SharePoint.

Have you ever wanted your employees to have better work instructions to improve overall performance? But the amount of work and resources required creating the work instructions and work instruction template along with the job aids, checklists, and training has always prevented you from getting started? You’re not alone. We designed our software to address these challenges.

How to write an Work Instruction Template

When creating a Work Instruction Template for a Job Aid it is important to mirror the specific Standard Operating Procedure, Process or Protocol structure. That means you need to fully understand the specific steps in the procedure, the phases in the process and/or the tasks and duties for the protocol.


The best way to capture the necessary content that you will need for your Work Instruction Job Aid, you will need to gather the specifics from a subject matter expert (SME) familiar with the standard operating procedure and experienced in executing the procedure, following the process, or implementing the protocol. Follow these four steps to build a good work instruction:

1. You need to use a well-defined input template. SOP Express uses special Microsoft Word based templates designed for use by Subject Matter Experts to directly input their knowledge and expertise into the system. Information is entered according to knowledge classes. In addition to the Procedure, Process and Protocol knowledge classes, SOP Express also includes: Related Facts, Terms/Definitions, Policies/Standards, and Trouble Shooting. SME’ s are only required to designate the knowledge class of their content and then enter the appropriate information. Templates can be customized to use SME terminology and vocabulary so as to optimize their ease of use.

2. The SME input needs to be arranged into a Master Document that support the pre-defined knowledge classes for each application. Master Documents can then be recalled at any time and used for inputting changes to the knowledgebase and the output work instruction.

3. If you organized your content input from the SME into an well-defined master document, you can quickly create the work instruction along with all the related training and support material required to improve execution and increase quality. A work instruction that is based on a common knowledgebase will help you create documents that are consistent and concurrent with the core content contained in the master document at the time of generation.

4. Once you have created the work instruction, you should go back and create all the electronic and/or printed Performance Support tools from the information stored in the KnowledgeBase – including on-line electronic quick references, such as Job Aids, Checklists, and Troubleshooting tables. This content can be easily distributed via any number of management and delivery system.

The combination of SOPs, Work Instructions and Job Aids will provide an organization with all the elements required for a first class Performance Support Program

Manufacturing Work Instruction Software

Companies often need to standardize their work instructions for a variety of activities such as manufacturing, materiel handling, production, welding, and more.

To accomplish this they can use our work instructions software and work instructions template to input their content so that it is structured in a way that can be utilized to generate all of their work instruction job aids and training materials. Our system utilizes a work instruction template or a work instructions example template as a Microsoft Word document that can be easily filled in. In doing so, you are automatically creating a single-source of content that can be drawn upon by our software to automatically generate your materials. Often, companies utilize our manufacturing work instruction software and our work instructions for manufacturing to accomplish their goals.

The following manufacturing work instruction template variations are created easily using our software:

      • assembly work instruction template
      • local work instruction template
      • process work instruction template
      • quality work instructions template
      • safe work instruction template
      • standard work instruction template
      • visual work instruction template
      • work instruction manual template
      • work instruction sheet template
      • work instructions template for ISO 9001
      • work instruction template for manufacturing

Why SMEs need a Work Instruction Template

work instruction template

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) have knowledge critical to your company’s future. These people are the critical scientists, engineers, operating supervisors, clinical directors, and process managers. They do not have much time to share that knowledge as they are fully occupied in the essential operation and execution of your companies main line of business.

Many of these Subject Matter Experts are not necessarily well-equipped to write about the specific standard operating procedures, processes and protocols that they execute every day and must be followed consistently to produce the high quality products and services you provide to your clients. Basically they already have a full-time position and writing about it in a well-defined, easy to follow manner is not one of their immediate tasks, even though it may be the most important contribution only they can make to your organization’s future.

When the SMEs do take the time out of their very busy day to document these critical procedure, it often takes more time than they have allowed, and ends up in a binder that no one ever looks at, or if they are read … Is it difficult to understand.

What is needed is an SME Work Instruction Template for inputting the essential content into a Microsoft Word® based custom built that provide SMEs with simple framework for recording:

          • Critical Internal Policies
          • Control & Compliance Processes
          • Company Protocols
          • Standard Operating Procedures
          • Work Related Guidelines
          • Corporate Best Practices


What can be generated from a Work Instruction Template?

Once written in the Work Instruction Template and approved, the key becomes giving the end-users the information they need in the form that they need it. The template needs to support easy generation of

          • Job-aids and Quick Reference Cards
          • Verification Checklists
          • Task Qualifications Checklists

By using a work instruction template this can accomplished in far less time and for far less cost than was ever thought possible. To know things will be done right, you need more than just a binder.


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